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Nice beach:
150 Mts
Cathedral Hill
11 kms
Otto Hill
2. 5 Kms.



It is located 19 km from the city. Its name of cathedral has been imposed by the similarity of the towers that crown the summit with a Gothic cathedral. During the winter, in its winter sports center antonio m. Lynch, is practicing national and international skiing and other disciplines that relate to snow.
The road starts with the av. E. Bustillo at the height of km 8 (cross - cathedral). When arriving at the virgin of the snows the road is taken on right hand and you arrive at villa cathedral, located at the foot of the homonymous hill, to 1000 msnm
The mountain has a height of 2388 msnm and has about 2. 000 ha. Ski slope with more than 70 tracks for all levels. It also has excellent natural conditions, all the necessary infrastructure, which put it in the same conditions with the most famous ski slopes in Europe.
From the base depart various lifting devices that lead to different platforms, which have confectioneries and restaurants for all requirements. It also has pharmacy, toilets, first aid room, parking and bus services every 10 minutes.

Access by the cable car in km. 5 (av. Of the pioneers) to the summit, at 1,405 meters above sea level, where you will see the revolving confectionery (the only one in the country), and the art gallery that displays the traces of Miguel Angel's works: The david, the stone and the moises, realized by the gallery pietro bazzanti of florence, italia.
The surrounding area is ideal for a walk in the woods; With snow in winter, with a blanket of flowers in spring and summer or with the magical colors of autumn. In the complex white stones are the toboggan runs and in winter park the ski slopes recommended for people who start the activity. There are also cross-country ski tracks and the berkoff refuge (and museum).

The beauty of the landscape is present throughout the journey. Different points of the road and some natural viewpoints, such as lopez bay and panoramic point, are ideal to contemplate this marvel. The chairlift of the bell tower, located in the "center of the landscape" (km 17), elevates it "to the right height of amazement" so that you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the area. As part of the landscape, several tea houses and restaurants add flavor to the walk with delicacies that will delight your palate. In front of the port of Pañuelo, the San Eduardo chapel is a unique attraction for visitors; just like the traditional Swiss colony.
Closing the circuit you will visit the hidden lake and the panoramic point, unparalleled view of the region of the Andean lakes.

The tour of this excursion begins leaving from bariloche by the national route 237. After crossing the limay river, provincial limit of black river and neuquén, they will direct to villa the angostura where they will make a tour by the place visiting isolated elements of interest.
Continuing north along the route of the seven lakes will reach the correntoso lake. A few more kilometers will leave this route to start ascending the portezuelo, step of 960 msmnm. In this section of the road one of the many attractions that it offers is the cemetery of trees. We arrived at pto. Arrayán located in the south arm of the lake traful, suitable place to have lunch and to enjoy its beaches of volcanic sand. Already closing the circuit overlooking Villa Traful, the viewpoint and the majestic enchanted valley. Returning to the city you will pass through the enchanted valley and make a stop in the amphitheater, natural monument of the ice age.

Leaving south on route 258 and bordering Gutiérrez, Mascardi and Guillermo lakes, you will arrive at the summer and pampa of the bull, at this point of the road to the left you will see the mountainous cords of ñirihuau and rough. Crossing the canyon of the mosca, you will observe the village of Villegas later. After crossing the foyel river and the bridge over the Quemquemtreu river, you will arrive in the bag, nestled in a very picturesque mountainous area. There are farms that produce fine and sweet fruits.
At 6 km, the head of the Indian and the viewpoint of the blue river offer some of the most beautiful landscapes of the place, then view of the lake lake, famous for its forests of patatoes and myrtle trees. For lunch you will have the option of going to eat an exquisite Patagonian lamb on the grill, go through the traditional brewery and one of the fish farming centers where you can learn the different stages of salmon farming.

Get ready for something amazing. In addition to the imposing landscapes, it will attend two very rare phenomena. You will visit the black glacier (one of the 4 glaciers of the threshing hill) whose origin is the immaculate white of the summit of the tronador. The meek river (with its rapids) is born here, descending from the thresher to the Atlantic, but decides to return to the mountain range, and in the imposing waterfall the larches regrets separating again from the mountain range; There it meets the Villegas river and returns to the mountains, crosses the mountain range and pours its waters into the Pacific. That is why the whole area you will visit is part of the Pacific and non-Atlantic basin. This is the reason for the poster. “divisorias de aguas” Which is located between the Gutiérrez and Mascardi lakes. Not only will you be touring an area of ​​forests, lakes, beaches, mountains and waterfalls, with incredible landscapes; You will also be witnessing two curiosities of nature. They are special facts of a place where magic is always present.

The route of this beautiful circuit, includes the whole range of landscapes that can be enjoyed in this privileged region. The trip to san martín, on a wooded path that crosses rivers and streams and continues along the famous path of the 7 lakes: (nahuel huapi - correntoso - mirror - hidden - villarino - falkner and machónico) on whose banks, some beaches and various points Panoramic views allow you to enjoy the wonderful scenery. Bordering the lacquer lake, you will arrive to San Martin de los Andes to have lunch and get to know the city. The return by step Córdoba offers a different show. After skirting Lake Meliquina, the forest disappears to give rise to formations as strange as beautiful. When arriving at confluence, to this magical landscape is added the serpenteante blue of the limay river forming the. “valle encantado” With its capricious rocky forms and “el anfiteatro”.

Isla vistoria and myrtle forest
Departing from port handkerchief and after an hour of navigation, appreciating the magnificence of the landscape we arrive at the peninsula of Quetrihue where we visit the “The only myrtle forest in the world”. Walking along an enclosed path you can see these centennial examples. It is botanically botanically described as a shrub that only takes place in the place of the tree, has an intense cinnamon color with a very fine bark which, when detached, leaves it with white spots that give it unique characteristics.
After getting to know the forest of myrtles, we sail towards Victoria Island and after 40 minutes we enter one of the most wonderful bays in the region: Puerto Aarón de Anchorena, where, through different paths and natural viewpoints, native and exotic specimens are seen. This unforgettable ride.

Puerto blest and waterfall of the cantaros
It leaves from port handkerchief. It is navigated by the blest arm and you reach the blest port, where you can have lunch and walk to the beautiful waterfall of the pitchers. Incredible landscapes with the exuberance of the Valdivian jungle. Optional: from there, a cold lake excursion. The blest arm is the most important of the seven that own the lago nahuel huapi.
The entrance of this arm is framed by two hills: chapel and millaqueo and is the Sentinel Island, where the remains of the creator of the national parks: Francisco Pascasio Moreno rest since 1944. During the navigation, we will see important topographic accidents: hill lopez (2076m), hill chapel (1967 msnm) or hill millaqueo (1801m). Twin or Twin Islands.

This sport activity is performed in rapids of mountain rivers using inflatable rafts. In Argentina we use an international scale that qualifies the difficulty of navigating rivers, increasingly, from i to vi.
When descending the rivers of the national park nahuel huapi we enter in places of incomparable beauty like interminable forest of Valdivian forest, deep canyons of basaltic lava, enormous glacial valleys that cross the heart of the mountain range of the Andes, being able to observe many species of Flora and fauna that inhabit the extensive and exciting Patagonia.

Lower meek river
It starts the route to the south of the national park, about 60 km. Approximately by the national route 258. In the depression called pampa of the bull we take direction towards the west to cover the last 10 km. Towards Lake Steffen. A safety lecture given by the guides is carried out, later equipment and begins the route in the rafts downstream. In a beach on the banks of the same one is had lunch, soon returns to the river in his active part. The rapids that cross in this section of the meek are of. ”clase ii”. In summer the transparent waters allow swimming in them. After the snack, he returns to the city.

Manso to the border
In the direction of the south of the national park, about 70 km. By the national route 258, until reaching the villegas river the detour is taken 30 km. By gravel road in a westerly direction to reach the camping gateway. A safety lecture given by the guides will be held, later equipment will be set up and the tour will begin on the rafts downstream. He. “cañón de terciopelo” Is the last peaceful place, once crossed, is located “el first rapid” Giving us the presentation of the beginning to the adrenaline of this excursion. With brief breaks they begin to chain rapids ranging from entertaining class ii to violent class iii like. “intestino del diablo” or “rélax”. He “internacional” Fast class ii communicates the arrival to the border point and end to our rafting. Return to the campsite. “la pasarela”,To make way for lunch. Return to the city. The anecdotes are endless, the group had its share of adrenaline.

An activity that brings the possibility of access to places detained in time, where nature is preserved intact. To know its inhabitants and their secrets. Walk trails surrounded by the singular cordillerano charm, or the immensity of the steppe.

Horseback riding chacabuco
The Patagonian ranch company specializes in horseback riding, excursions last ½ day or full day, offering a complete service to enjoy this Patagonian adventure, as well as the variety of landscapes of the Andean forest and the steppe, its flora And the sight of the native fauna, (deer, condors, eagle blackberry, hares, etc.).
The cavalcades are made in the estancia chincabuco fort, the same is located to 27 km. From Bariloche and 23 km. From s. C. Of bariloche. The stay of 10 000 ha is located in the limit between the immensity of the Patagonian steppe and the transition of the Andes mountain range, with the possibility of contemplating the changes of relief and their differences in flora and fauna. In the western zone, which belongs to the Cordillera de los Andes, the snow is maintained until the summer, the thaws give rise to slopes and streams that feed valleys, mallines, and flow into rivers and lakes, approximately 800 mm of annual rainfall , Reason of the profusion of vegetation of this zone, Patagonian Andean cold forest. In the east, where the steppe begins to dominate, entering the Patagonian, the visitor has the unique opportunity to observe the transition of the forest in the desert, this wild and wild landscape with very little vegetation, but for the same reason allows The most incredible views of the city of bariloche, the tronador hill, the limay river, in contrast to the mountain forest. The rides are made in excellent horses suitable for all types of terrain and are guided by bilingual guides, knowledgeable about the area, the routes will take you to places never imagined. The horses are mestizos and creoles, meek and very docile that will make them enjoy the adventure both expert riders and inexperienced. The mounts are type cangallas Chilean or scraps and English mounts. The guides are permanently radioed and trained in first aid.
Available Options:
½ day with roast (full roast, includes drinks and dessert)
Full day-full day with barbecue and snack
Horseback riding with full moon in summer (full roast with drinks and dessert)

In Patagonia, the fishing season opens in early November and closes at the end of April. During November and December, when rivers have high levels, you will find many large, rainbow and brown trout returning to the lakes, so the chances of getting a good trophy are really great.
The long summer days are dry fly times, caddis and mayfly hatches that keep the trout active all the time.
March and April, the end of the season, is the most peaceful and picturesque time of the year, the low water levels invite you to use a light fishing tackle to get those great rainbow and brown trouts that pass from the lake to the river to spawn. During this time of year you can usually fish in the most popular rivers without seeing another fisherman for several days.

The limay river is a river of great flow that owns great amount of islands and canals. Its name derives from the aboriginal language and means crystalline waters, and it is exactly that, fast water of great volume and much clarity. This important watercourse is famous for its giants. “marrones y arco iris” Difficult to fish, but definitely worth the effort.
There are several options to try luck, and depending on the season and the level of the waters, are changing places where you can get the best catch. To access such sites we can organize an exit with fly cast guides with long trajectory in the rivers of Patagonia, and all the necessary equipment for the activity.
Float on rafts by the river, accessing places where you will not see another fisherman, to find wild trout incredibly fighters ...

Bariloche and Cerro Lopez are ideal places for adventure activities, this new discipline, a journey through the treetops, sliding with harnesses by steel slings that go through the forest from platform to platform, which are built at 30 meters Of height, has been cataloged like the boom of this summer.
They are 1500 mts. Of canopy, the route is made from one platform to another, 11 in total, with stretches that carry from 40 mts. Length to 250 mts. In the most exciting and long stretch of the whole route.
The beginning of the excursion is at the base of Cerro Lopez, begins with an instruction, and the equipment, then go up in 4 x 4, to the base of the hill. Up to the 1st platform, where the descent begins, during all the time that they are on the trees, on the platforms or in the descent itself, it is insured and accompanied by personnel, trained.
Upon arriving at the shelter, they will be waiting to deliver the certificate of courage.
TREKKING Y SNOWSHOES ( Racket trekking)

It is an activity that is characterized by being developed in full nature. The walkers enter the forest, travel through valleys and edges of mountains, allowing you to discover paradisiacal places. Its basic objective is to find hidden landscapes, panoramic points and other places inaccessible in vehicles, to be able to enjoy the full nature. Among these possibilities are: hill llao llao, footpath foundation, path to the hidden lake, walks in the hill otto, etc. The snow can also be enjoyed to the maximum, with several circuits we take you to walk on the snowshoes or rackets, means that gives us greater treading surface and makes us float ... Almost imperceptibly.

In Araleuquen you will find a spectacular 18-hole golf course, completely redesigned and built according to the latest and best techniques of construction of courts, with an automatic irrigation system, looking for the excellence of golf in all its aspects. A golf course complemented by a perfect Patagonian landscape.
Ruta 82, frente al lago gutierrez

Llao llao
On the golf course of the llao llao You will find 18 unique holes, with 360°. In the middle of an imposing frame of mountains, with peaks of eternal snows and lakes of crystalline waters, it creates a charming contrast with the depth of the surrounding centenary forest and invites the golfer to enjoy an unforgettable experience.
Av. Bustillo km. 25
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